Early in the 18th century,
paper production started
in Ružomberok
1880Jakub Klein & Co started the industrial paper production in Ružomberok
1946The company was merged into the national enterprise Považské celulózky a papierne
1949The company was renamed into Ružomberské celulózky a papierne
1959A merger of pulp and paper mill in Ružomberok, Martin, Žilina and Harmanec took place, resulting in the incorporation of the national enterprise SCP
1996National Property Fund of the Slovak Republic sold 67% of SCP shares to the private company ECO-INVEST. Later ECO-INVEST gained 100% of SCP shares
2000ECO-INVEST sold 50% of SCP shares to Neusiedler AG (later Mondi)
2002The mill SOLO separated from the company Neusiedler SCP a.s. to become a subsidiary Obaly SOLO, s.r.o. with 100% share of the parent company (now Mondi SCP, a.s.)
2009Relocation into the main production area of Mondi SCP, a.s.
Production in Ružomberok began with a small paper mill which has undergone various changes until 2004 when it became part of the international network Mondi, which now shares its 51% ownership of Mondi SCP, a.s. with the remaining 49% of shares being in the ownership of Slovak shareholder ECO-INVEST.
Obaly SOLO s.r.o.
A subsidiary of Mondi SCP